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Natural Resources

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Templates and Software for Smart Mining, Oil and Gas Enterprises
3iBlue includes templates, software and consultation services to exploration, and natural resources industries:
- Mining - MS4Mine
- Oil and Gas - MS4OG 

- Integrated models for exploration, extraction, plant and logistics operation study, design ramp-up and operation, .

- Business process models for operational and management and software selection and implementation.

- Organisational Lifecycle Development. 




- Model based Design, Planning and Budgeting based on industry templates

- Integrated operations process models for exploration, development, extraction and processing

- Integrated teams, finance and specialised operations (drill cores, EPCM, mining, oil field production, labs, concentrator & flow sheets)

- Models for "development", "project" to "operations", and covers HR, value chain, and EPCM practice and controls
- Intranet based mine knowledge software interfaced with various ERP systems
- Rapid project delivery; requirements, design and execution with documentation and information capture





Exploration ERP solution ; EPCM & Projects template ; Plant templateResources ERP solutionProcess Template ; Simulation ;Systems requirements definition